Why Rivulet?

Imagine having tools you've never had before to fully manage your emotional overwhelm on your own. This is what Rivulet can give you.

We have created a special formula that helps you break through your emotional setbacks.

We will teach and guide you:

  • to not to take on others peoples’ energy when they are having a bad day. Learn to separate your energy from theirs.

  • how to experience a calm and peacefulness you’ve never experienced in your body.

  • how to handle your feeling of overwhelm. Give you a set of emotional tools to use during moments of overwhelm.

  • how your chronic pain could possibly be linked to your emotional pain.

  • to start to understand that you matter and that you always did.  

There is going to be nothing more gratifying than connecting to your true self. We believe in you!


If you are ready to start this journey, then we are ready for you. We can’t wait to meet you!