Client Stories

Nichole Jacobs

Nichole Jacobs Rivulet

“Rivulet has been a total life game-changer for me! I met them when I was at my lowest low, ready to completely give up on life. They gave me hope, by introducing me to amazing self-help tools which have brought me mental and emotional healing. By healing these areas, I have experienced less physical pain in my body. I have so much hope for myself and my family, now. Our future is bright!”

Angie kitko


A little over a year ago, she was depressed, dependent on drugs and was feeling so weighed down. Some days she didn’t even want to get out of bed. She had so much physical and mental pain.

Sara zimmerman


She didn’t think that her life could change. After only two times of working with us, she was changed forever!



“By doing EFT with Julie I was able to identify and name the feelings I had surrounding traumatic events and toxic people. By tapping through the event and the feelings associated with the event and people i have been able to free my head and heart space to allow more attention on myself and my family in a healthy way.”



“Emotional pain caused the physical pain — I'm a Tylenol girl — the high powered pain killers — morphine drops and muscle relaxers did nothing.  Even the pain management Doctors injections into my back did nothing to help me.

Then Julie came a long.  She Baruch Hashem — explained and showed me Emotional Acupuncture to make sure my condition didn't return.”