Picture Credit: Nichole Jacobs

This girl right here is a POWERHOUSE, all because she got the courage to reach out. Not even a year ago, she was depressed, hopeless and having feelings of despair. She didn’t feel like she belonged here and the world would be better without her.

After she took the leap and learned to go within and release negative thoughts and feelings, she has been able to be a blessing to many individuals.

From being a Co-Author in an International Bestseller: What’s Self Love Got to Do With It to bringing a new baby boy into our world, this girl is changing the world one day at a time!

Have you ever felt depressed, hopeless or feelings of despair? Have you been able to work through those thoughts and see your true self? We’d love to hear your story! We understand stories are very personal and if you don’t want to comment feel free to message us! We believe in you!

Please know that our client has agreed to share her story. When you work with us, it is your choice if you want to be featured. We understand that reaching out takes a lot of courage and sometimes you don’t want others to know and we respect that!