"When Carly came to help me, I was having a hard time communicating effectively with both my 3 yr old and my 6 yr old.  They were constantly screaming and crying at me, running away and would not be able to tell me what they were feeling.  After meeting with Carly, she helped me realize that my 6 yr old did not like to be disciplined in front of others.  Now, I try to take my 6 yr old aside privately, get down to her level, look her in the eyes and then tell her why I did not like what she did, etc.  She still does not like to be disciplined but she does not run away crying and screaming anymore.

We realized my 3 yr old needed me to communicate to her more positively.  For instance, instead of saying "Don't!" or "No!" or repeating myself a thousand times to her, I changed the way I phrased my requests with a positive spin.  So "Don't jump on the couch!" turned into "If you want to jump, go jump on the trampoline."  "No coloring on the furniture" turned into "Crayons are not meant to be used on the furniture, they're meant to be used on paper" and repeating myself a thousand times about cleaning her room turning into "If you want to watch a show, then you must pick up your room." No yelling, no tears.  It doesn't always work of course but it's better than it used to be!"