twenty-five years


For those of you that don’t know, this is my mom and me. My mom and I always had a special bond where I looked up to her as I was a child, but to be completely honest all us girls were “daddy’s girls”.

Over the years my mom and I have grown so close to one another. She always was the person that never gave up on me.

She never stopped looking for answers. From as early as elementary school, she knew that something just wasn’t right. She searched out individuals that practiced alternative methods and never looked back.

While she searched and searched and searched, she didn’t truly find answers until  twenty-five years. Yes, twenty-five.

twenty-five years of therapy.

twenty-five years of praying for answers.

twenty-five years of trying to understand me.

twenty-five years of trying to find help.

twenty-five years of feeling at a loss.


She finally found the answer. All that searching was worth it. If it weren’t for her persistence, determination and caring heart, I would not be alive today. If you’d like to know more, I’m here!

Having a support system that won’t give up on you can seriously change everything you go through on a daily basis.

Sometimes you look at your life and think, why me? But the truth is, things happen for some kind of reason. Whether it’s to teach you something, help you see something in a new light or be an inspiration and hope for others.

I want you to know that I am here for you. You should not have to feel this way. there are answers if you want them. 

All my love,


Help Your Little One Come Into the World Feeling Calm

Our little one seconds after he entered the world

Our little one seconds after he entered the world

Help Your Little One Come Into the World Feeling Calm

Did you know that your little one’s subconscious is forming as early as in utero?

I am writing to share tools and resources connecting back to the subconscious, so both you and your little one can feel calm in your bodies.

The first part of the blog is geared towards moms who are pregnant, While, the second part is intended for for parents who want to teach their children ways to feel calm in their body from the very beginning of childhood.

***Please note that if you don’t have children, the first part of this blog post can still be applied to your life.

A little back story... I had struggled with generalized anxiety since I was a little girl.  It took years to finally understand where all the anxiety came from, twenty-five years to be exact.  Four years ago, I had received my dream job of being a Kindergarten Teacher. In the first week of school, I was hospitalized because I had 100 panic attacks. If you’d like to learn more click here.

my mom and me

my mom and me

Picture from outside my Kindergarten Classroom before having those 100 panic attacks in the first week

Picture from outside my Kindergarten Classroom before having those 100 panic attacks in the first week

It wasn't until I really explored my inner subconscious that I was able release emotions and triggers that were causing so much overwhelm in my body that I know now was the reason for all of those panic attacks at the beginning of my career.

Announcing we were pregnant to our friends and family

Announcing we were pregnant to our friends and family

Below i’ve put some tools and resources together for you that helped me from pregnancy and beyond.  Please contact me here if you have any specific questions.


IT STARTS WITH YOU: Take this time before your little one arrives to release triggers and emotions from childhood and beyond that cause you stress and overwhelm in your body.  Doing this will help you be able to feel a sense of calmness in your body, which in turn will help your baby feel safe in the womb.

START NOW WITH LEARNING HOW TO MANAGE YOUR TIME:  Once your little one arrives it won’t seem like you have any time.  If you start now, it will be easier to change things around later when your little one makes his or her debut. A fun way to do this is to choose colors that mean something to you and start with balancing: Self, Health, Relationships and Work.  Love to hear from you what you come up with. Feel free to email me here.

TAKE SOME TIME TO ORGANIZE YOUR ENVIRONMENT:  When your environment is organized, that will help your mind feel relaxed.  Start with one part of the room and move on from there.

HAVE A TOOL BOX FOR YOURSELF: From anything to having your essential oils to having a journal to release your thoughts from the day, having tools that you can use are very powerful to help stay calm in your body.  One tool in particular that I always had in my back pocket was tapping.  I used it all throughout pregnancy and even during labor when they had to TURN OFF my epidural.

HAVE A CALM ENVIRONMENT:  Start playing quiet and peaceful music while your little is in the womb so when your precious miracle enters the world you will already have a routine in place. It not only will help you with staying calm, but it will be so powerful for your little one, as he or she will have gotten used to hearing calming music in the womb. This will seriously be a life-changer later on. (ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE IN OVERWHELM)


ESTABLISHING ROUTINES EARLY ON: Having routines early on will help your child understand what to expect. For instance, we started doing bath, quiet music, lights low, books and white noise from the very first time that we would have him sleep in his room. Doing that will help your child get used to what is coming, so you are being proactive.

AFFIRMATIONS AND TAPPING: If you are reading this you more than likely know about Love Powered Littles. These affirmations are a wonderful tool to incorporate in your morning and night time routine as it helps your child grow up learning self-love. To help calm the body while doing the affirmations, we incorporate EFT Tapping. If you aren’t familiar, it’s tapping on the meridians of the body also known as acupuncture without needles. Intrigued? Click here.

KNOWING WHAT TO DO IN OVERWHELM: It is up to you to teach your children how to calm down in overwhelm. If you don’t, then they won’t know what to do when they are feeling out of control. We taught our little one early on how to “tap” under his eye and on top of his head when he wants to have a calm body. We also feel strongly in giving your children ownership over creating a box for calming down when they are feel overwhelmed. Start with getting a box that they can decorate and have them pick out toys that help them feel safe.

CREATING A CALM AREA IN THE BEDROOM OR A PLACE IN THE HOME: Let them have ownership over this process too.  From anything to letting them choose what they want to put in that area to creating signs for that special spot. The more ownership you give to them, the more they will want to be there when they need to take some time to recharge.

TAPPING AWAY EMOTIONS FROM THE DAY: One of our favorite things is after a long day we all come together and talk about anything we want to tap away from the day, so we don’t have to hold onto that emotion in our body. While the conscious mind has not formed yet, the subconscious knows that it calms the body and releases any unwanted information in the body.

If you’d like to follow along more you can visit our blog here.

I am here to empower you, feel free to follow along on the journey below.

All my love,




Ever since I was little, I have always had a passion for helping others. I grew up learning that we help others. 

People had a hard time understanding me. Unfortunately, it was hard for my friends and family to understand me, so they just let things be the way they were. I have struggled with Generalized Anxiety since I took my first steps into Kindergarten as a young girl. Little did I know that this anxiety would continue to happen, even when I received the phone call of my dreams... 

It's 7:00 PM and the phone rings. Human Resources just called to offer me a job as a Kindergarten Teacher. My heart is racing and it won’t slow down. Thoughts keep circling through my mind. I keep asking myself is this real?  Is this really happening? I could not believe that this was happening. I had been on many interviews as I was searching for my dream job.  My dream had finally come true! Orientation starts tomorrow. Let the teaching begin! 

Teaching has always been a huge part of my life. While it was hard to get myself to actually go through with teaching, once I did there was no turning back.  I had hesitated for a while with changing my majors because I didn’t think I would be able to pass the Praxis. The Praxis was a test that Education majors had to take in order to get their teaching certificate. I wanted nothing to do with tests. I had struggled with test anxiety my whole life. 

However, I pushed myself, after the fifth time of changing my major, to go through with getting my certification for teaching. From that moment I wanted to go to many different workshops to start learning what I needed to, so I could be the best teacher for my students. 

My whole life I had prepared to be a teacher and now, I was going to be the best teacher ever, making an impact on students every day. I was going to be life changing for kids, every day. For 30 years. 

Well, I didn’t make it to 30 years. I didn’t even make it one year. One week in, I had to resign due to having 100 panic attacks in the first week of school. I had prepared my whole life to be a teacher and now my dream was crushed. It was all gone.

From there, everything went downhill. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t going to be teaching. I thought my life was over. Newly married and anxious beyond belief, I became a totally different person. I started to depend on my parents. It’s almost like I went back into being 'little Carly', as that is what made me feel safe. I started to sabotage everything. 

From countless therapy sessions, trying different medicines and hitting rock bottom: checking into a psychiatric hospital, I knew things needed to change. 

Now, there is a happy ending to this story. I thank my anxiety every single day for helping me realize that I was supposed to be a teacher in a different way. During my journey of figuring out who I really was, I discovered a technique: Emotional Freedom Techniques also known as EFT. It changed my life so much that my mom and I partnered together to teach this technique: 'acupuncture without needles' to the other individuals who were struggling like me. 

There is more to my story, but that is for another time. I was inspired to share this after I went through a very hard time in my life. I realized after being able to overcome this obstacle, I wanted to share ideas to empower you. I want you to realize that you are not alone. There are many people that are struggling with anxiety every day. The hard thing is that people are not sharing what is happening because they are embarrassed. I am hoping that my story will empower you to want to share your story and work towards managing your anxiety

Some of you might be thinking, well I wish I could listen to what you did, but there is no hope for me! A huge lesson that I learned is, you need to believe in yourself.  It starts with changing your mindset. If you continue to think negatively about what you are going through, then it is going to be hard for you to change your way of life.  No matter what, there is help out there for you. Keep going and never give up. You’ve got this!

Please know that I am here, I’ve been there. I’d love for you to reach out to me, so I can support you in any way that I can. Click here to get connected.




We’ve been blessed to help and teach so many of you our amazing formula that combines EFT, Steven Kessler’s The 5 Personality Patterns and Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences to help you see who you were always meant to be and get to the CORE of where your emotional pain began.

We are so blessed to be able to share these life-altering tools and resources with you.

Our challenge to you is to share with others how you’ve been empowered through learning this unique formula. When you share use hashtag #experiencerivuletwithus and tag Rivulet, so we can comment on your post!

When you do this, remember you are giving hope to someone else who has been struggling and doesn’t feel like there are answers for them!

All our love,
Carly and Julie

This little boy right here is my everything


This little boy right here is my everything.

He’s the reason why I get up an hour early to take care of myself, why my #1 thing in my vision is to take care of my health, why I keep learning every single day, so I can raise him to be a well-rounded gentleman just like my one-of-kind hard working, determined, lovable, caring, loyal husband.

Mama, you are such a beautiful soul and if you don’t see it, I want you to remember that you are doing the best job that you can be doing. Yes, there’s always room for you to grow, but know you’ve got this and I’m here cheering you on every step of the way. Mama, I see you!



Picture Credit: Nichole Jacobs

This girl right here is a POWERHOUSE, all because she got the courage to reach out. Not even a year ago, she was depressed, hopeless and having feelings of despair. She didn’t feel like she belonged here and the world would be better without her.

After she took the leap and learned to go within and release negative thoughts and feelings, she has been able to be a blessing to many individuals.

From being a Co-Author in an International Bestseller: What’s Self Love Got to Do With It to bringing a new baby boy into our world, this girl is changing the world one day at a time!

Have you ever felt depressed, hopeless or feelings of despair? Have you been able to work through those thoughts and see your true self? We’d love to hear your story! We understand stories are very personal and if you don’t want to comment feel free to message us! We believe in you!

Please know that our client has agreed to share her story. When you work with us, it is your choice if you want to be featured. We understand that reaching out takes a lot of courage and sometimes you don’t want others to know and we respect that!



Thanks to Julie, she helped me delve deep into my past, actually my childhood, and we visited together a series of events that happened in kindergarten that created a block that had been with me all of my adulthood, it affected by relationships and my job performance within any job I held

I never felt Worthy, never felt good enough. Julie introduced me to EFT and she held me accountable to really digging deep and finding those moments that haunted my psyche.

Once it was revealed she then taught me further technique to heal from it, to just let it BE and to be capable of authentically moving forward with the confidence I needed to be the True Me that still lived inside of me.

I’m forever grateful for this.

It’s huge!



Real question: when is the last time you took a moment, just for yourself?

Self care is important, even for mamas.

Sometimes we feel selfish, but it’s important to remember if you aren’t taking time for yourself, then it’s going to be very hard to have energy for your family.

What will you do this week to take a moment for yourself and incorporate some kind of self care?

Examples could include:

• Having some coffee/tea before the kids wake up

• Taking a nice bath

• Journaling

• Reading

• Yoga

• Exercising • Deep Breathing

• Affirmations

The list could go on and on. The truth is, all of these things can be even stronger for you once you are able to release your truth about how you are really feeling.

I can tell you first hand that all of these self care ideas were wonderful suggestions, but until I went within, I wasn’t able to get as deep as I wanted to get.

We are here for you.

The Way She Taught Was Magical

Ever since 4th grade, I decided I wanted to be a teacher. I had this incredible teacher who was 6 feet tall and showed me that there were different ways to learn. Mrs. B. was her name.Her actions showed me that she believed in me.The way she taught was magical! She taught me that learning can be fun.

Before meeting her I believed that there was just one way to learn.  I thought the only way you could learn is by listening to your teacher lecture to you. Mrs. B showed me something different! She was my inspiration.  I always thought I was going to be a teacher just like her someday.

I couldn’t believe it!  I finally got my own classroom.  I was so excited!  I thought to myself, “This is going to be amazing!”, I can’t wait to teach these kindergarteners how to learn while incorporating life skills and helping build their character. I kept saying to myself, “How did this happen...there aren’t a ton of jobs out there.” I had been looking forward to the day when I would finally have my own classroom and my dream was starting to come true.

My whole life I had prepared to be a teacher and now, I was going to be the best teacher ever, making an impact on students every day, for 30 years (at least).  I was going to be the best teacher ever.  I was going to be life changing for kids, every day.  For 30 years.  Well, I didn’t make it to 30 years.  I didn’t even make it a month.  One week in, I had to resign due to having 100 panic attacks in the first week of school.  I had prepared my whole life to be a teacher and now my dream was crushed.  It was all gone!

🖕🏻That’s Mrs B! She’s a lifelong friend!



 "When Carly came to help me, I was having a hard time communicating effectively with both my 3 yr old and my 6 yr old.  They were constantly screaming and crying at me, running away and would not be able to tell me what they were feeling.  After meeting with Carly, she helped me realize that my 6 yr old did not like to be disciplined in front of others.  Now, I try to take my 6 yr old aside privately, get down to her level, look her in the eyes and then tell her why I did not like what she did, etc.  She still does not like to be disciplined but she does not run away crying and screaming anymore.

We realized my 3 yr old needed me to communicate to her more positively.  For instance, instead of saying "Don't!" or "No!" or repeating myself a thousand times to her, I changed the way I phrased my requests with a positive spin.  So "Don't jump on the couch!" turned into "If you want to jump, go jump on the trampoline."  "No coloring on the furniture" turned into "Crayons are not meant to be used on the furniture, they're meant to be used on paper" and repeating myself a thousand times about cleaning her room turning into "If you want to watch a show, then you must pick up your room." No yelling, no tears.  It doesn't always work of course but it's better than it used to be!"




 “I was having difficulty sleeping. I met with Julie who helped me peel back layers of what was really keeping me up at night. Together, we reached the root of the problem. I was skeptical of the tapping, but I could feel a noticeable difference in my body. I used her strategies along with tapping on nights that I feel the stress in body and I feel relief and peace in my body again. I am grateful to learn this approach.”



Meet Anna and Lindy. We came across these mamas when they were doing their kickstarter for their product a year ago. They reached their first goal in eighteen hours. These moms are changing the world one family at a time with their incredible movement: @lovepoweredco. Its a soul fuel company powering the next generation of mindful leaders. Do you have a morning or nighttime routine that you do with your children? If so, we’d love to hear! Thank you beautiful souls for changing our world!




Today we feature ZEN JEN. She’s absolutely incredible! Hands down the BEST massages that we’ve ever received! She’s so personable and cares so much about building relationships with her clients. If you haven’t tried a massage with her, treat yourself! You won’t believe that you waited this long to go see her! Thank you, Jen! You are absolutely amazing and we’re are so blessed to have you as an option when we need to take some time for ourselves.


Photo Credit:    Dottie’s Flour Shop

Photo Credit: Dottie’s Flour Shop

 "Look in the mirror and be honest and tell me what you see. I saw and felt pain everywhere, on the inside and out.

The pain in my back started 10 weeks ago and it felt like surgery without anesthetics - the back spasms were so bad that I couldn't blow my nose without triggering excruciating pain. Little did I know that the pain was inside...”

Emotional pain caused the physical pain - I'm a Tylenol girl - the high powered pain killers - morphine drops and muscle relaxers did nothing.  Even the pain management Doctors injections into my back did nothing to help me.

Then Julie came a long.  She Baruch Hashem - explained and showed me Emotional Acupuncture to make sure my condition didn't return.

Tapping takes me back to my youth of 3 years old in a dance studio - Now Julie taught me a new kind of tapping that I can do for the rest of my life. It the secret of ridding yourself of the anger you hold onto which is so destructive.


Photo Credit:    @blueeyedmutan

Photo Credit: @blueeyedmutan

Has your child ever experienced trauma in their life?

If you answered yes then keep reading. Melissa with Complete Harmony in St. Louis is a beautiful soul inside and out.

She provides trauma sensitive yoga classes and events for youth ages 2-18!

Her overall goal is to provide a safe, accepting place for your child to explore their body, themselves and the world around them.


When we were little we were born into this world with endless possibilities.

As we grew, people slammed our doors shut.  We didn’t even know it was happening at the time.

Until we were living in fear, our anxiety sky rocketed and we felt out of control.

The crazy thing is, we started telling ourselves all these limited beliefs, which only made things worse.  

We honestly felt like we were worthless. Like we couldn’t do anything right. All because we took on someone else’s messages. 

The truth is you don’t have to live a life this. You don’t have to feel worthless, like a failure, not good enough, stressed, overwhelmed, embarrassed, frustrated...etc. You are in charge of your life. You can feel better at any moment in time and we are here for you! 

Can you think of a time when someone slammed a door on you? They made you not feel worthy of who you truly are?


This post is going to get pretty RAW, so if you want to keep reading please do so, if you rather not I understand.

To be completely honest when I found out I was pregnant, I for sure thought I was having a girl. I’m one of four girls and that’s what I knew.

When I found out I was having a boy, I cried and cried and cried! Thoughts were going through my head such as, “What will I do with a boy?”, “Will I raise him right?”, “Will he connect with me?”

I was scared, I didn’t know what I was going to do! Jordan started reading articles to me about how boys loved their mommys. I didn’t really understand until we brought this sweet miracle into the world!

I didn’t start enjoying and embracing my pregnancy till the second trimester. I was absolutely miserable. I was living in my head so much. I didn’t even think he was going to make it. My anxiety and depression had skyrocketed and my life felt like a blur.

It wasn’t till I discovered EFT that I was able to see why this beautiful boy was entering our life. EFT literally changed my life. If it weren’t for it, Cameron would not be the child that he is today.

People always ask is he always that happy? The truth is yes, but it took a lot of work. I tapped from 2nd trimester on, played calming music for him every night when he was in the womb, did deep breathing and made sure to have a calming environment. I even tapped during labor! They had to turn my epidural off because it was so strong and I pushed for 3 hours...

I remember having breakthroughs with my mom when we were away for training. One in particular was that I was given this opportunity to raise a wonderful boy who would grow up to be a gentleman.

As we kept tapping, I saw myself outside with him digging for worms and getting MESSY! I know girls do that too! You get the point! I was having BREAKTHROUGHS!

I’d love to hear your story. Did you want a girl or a boy? How was pregnancy for you? Mama, I’m here for you!