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Are you feeling anxious stressed and overwhelmed while raising your children?

Do any of these thoughts seem familiar to you?

No one cares

I am out there alone

There is never enough

I am not enough

I am deficient

I can’t do it alone

My needs are not okay

If I need, I will be abandoned

If I am strong, I will be abandoned

If I disappoint you, I will be abandoned

“do they like me?”

“do they love me?”

I can’t win

Life is hard

I have to carry it all

I am all alone

There is no help

No one cares

It’s a jungle out there

I have to do it all by myself

Abuse is normal

There is only one right way

Something is wrong with me

I am a mistake

I am a total screw up

I am an outcast

I don’t belong

I am a reject

I am a disappointment

I am a failure

I am a bad person

I don’t deserve to be loved

I am crazy

I am insane

I hate my mom

I hate my dad

I feel guilty for hating them

I am a bad mom

I am a bad dad

I am just like my mom

I am just like my dad

It is my entire fault

It’s hopeless

I am going to live my whole life and not find meaning

Life is so hard

I hate myself

I am ugly

I am stupid

I am an idiot

I am dumb

No one listens to me; no one hears me.

No one wants me, no one cares about me, no ones care if I live or die

I am a nobody

I am worthless

I am trash

I am a throwaway

I don’t deserve anything

I am selfish

I only care about myself

I am unlovable

I am flawed

There are answers and we’ve created The Rivulet Community for you!

We are here to support you through your hopes and dreams and give you the tools to discover who you were always brought in this world to be.

Whether you have worked with us through one-to-one sessions, intensives, retreats or you have just joined the Facebook Membership we have created this group for you! 

This is a place where we want you to feel safe.  Ask questions, share hopes and dreams and be there for one another.

We will go LIVE once a week and talk about certain topics and provide you with education and resources to help you live your best life possible.

We are so excited to have you here!

If you’d like more information about this group and the benefits you will receive feel free to contact us here.

All our love,

Carly and Julie