Rivulet has been a total life game-changer for me! I met them when I was at my lowest low, ready to completely give up on life. They gave me hope, by introducing me to amazing self-help tools which have brought me mental and emotional healing. By healing these areas, I have experienced less physical pain in my body. I have so much hope for myself and my family, now. Our future is bright!
— Nichole Jacobs

"This incredible business is currently changing my life! I can’t say enough good things about the service, team, and results. I highly recommend working with Rivulet!"

"You can’t go wrong with Rivulet! They help to facilitate true healing and authentic change in your life! Revealing the goodness that already lies within, even when it’s difficult to access."

"When Carly came to help me, I was having a hard time communicating effectively with both my 3 yr old and my 6 yr old.  They were constantly screaming and crying at me, running away and would not be able to tell me what they were feeling.  After meeting with Carly, she helped me realize that my 6 yr old did not like to be disciplined in front of others.  Now, I try to take my 6 yr old aside privately, get down to her level, look her in the eyes and then tell her why I did not like what she did, etc.  She still does not like to be disciplined but she does not run away crying and screaming anymore. 

We realized my 3 yr old needed me to communicate to her more positively.  For instance, instead of saying "Don't!" or "No!" or repeating myself a thousand times to her, I changed the way I phrased my requests with a positive spin.  So "Don't jump on the couch!" turned into "If you want to jump, go jump on the trampoline."  "No coloring on the furniture" turned into "Crayons are not meant to be used on the furniture, they're meant to be used on paper" and repeating myself a thousand times about cleaning her room turning into "If you want to watch a show, then you must pick up your room." No yelling, no tears.  It doesn't always work of course but it's better than it used to be!"

Thanks to Julie, she helped me delve deep into my past, actually my childhood, and we visited together a series of events that happened in kindergarten that created a block that had been with me all of my adulthood, it affected by relationships and my job performance within any job I held......I never felt Worthy, never felt good enough. Julie introduced me to EFT and she held me accountable to really digging deep and finding those moments that haunted my psyche. Once it was revealed she then taught me further technique to heal from it, to just let it BE and to be capable of authentically moving forward with the confidence I needed to be the True Me that still lived inside of me. I’m forever grateful for this. It’s huge!
— Cindy Looney

"At first I was extremely skeptical about trying Tapping. I had watched what looked like to be a very generic “self-help” video online of the technique and I convinced myself that tapping was bogus; I would simply have to deal with my constant anxiety on my own. And then one night I found myself sitting down with Julie as she offered to do some tapping with me. I reluctantly agreed to give it a shot. As I shared with her about my struggles with depression and anxiety over the past year, she instructed me to try tapping on various points throughout my head and body as I talked to her. Halfway through the tears began to pour out and I felt a huge release in my chest and a lightness permeated throughout my extremities. I actually felt less anxious and more hopeful.

Although I am unable to do this kind of energy work with Julie face-to-face because I live out of town, I have been able to successfully take the basics of what she had taught me and use it as another tool in my “toolbox” of self-care techniques, especially when the physical tingling in my hands and feet as well as difficulty breathing begin to creep up as symptoms of my anxiety.

Since that first introduction to Tapping,  Julie has made herself available to do some tapping over the phone. Even in the middle of a coffee shop populated by other customers, I felt comfortable engaging in this technique in a public place. Julie is a living embodiment of genuine care, compassion, and holistic healing. She has taught me that I don’t have to be complacent with living in the uptightness of anxiety. I will not claim to be completely cured of my feelings of worry, anxiety, and sporadic depression. However, I now have one more resource to turn toward when I feel like my other self-healing techniques just aren’t cutting it. Along with yoga, mindful breath practices, and talk-therapy, I have found that Tapping is an extremely significant component of what contributes toward my personal healing of body, mind, and spirit."

"The first time I tapped with Julie, I broke down in tears. Firstly, because I was so relieved to have figured out a solution to the issue I was dealing with. Secondly, because I was so relieved to have found a tool to help me deal with my anxiety.

I never categorized myself as one with "anxiety", because when I thought of individuals suffering from anxiety, I thought of those debilitated by negative thoughts, unable to get out of bed. Additionally, whenever I felt stressed, I would (and still do) use exercise and sport to deal with the anxiety.

Tapping with Julie made me realize that any tiny amount of stress or anxious thoughts is relevant and important, and can be taken care of by tapping. Additionally, as helpful as sport and exercise might be, tapping is useful in the moment and immediately. It helps individuals discuss the issue at hand and figure out long term solutions, as opposed to simply creating a distraction.

More than the benefits of tapping, talking with Julie is one of the most special gifts that I have been afforded. Julie is kind, non-judgemental, open minded, an amazing listener, solution oriented, and patient. The way she gives me dignity and care while tapping makes me feel like my challenges are hers as well, which allows me to feel anything but alone, as Julie helps me learn the tools to deal with stress and anxiety."

Rivulet offers a unique and impactful approach for managing stress in your life. The self-help tools that Julie and Carly provide can not only make a difference in the present moment but also with managing stress and anxiety as it comes on in the future. They take great care in getting to the core of an issue. I have worked many times on a variety of stresses and after each session, feel calm, rejuvanted and confident that I can conquer whatever comes my way!
— Jordan

“Both Carly and Julie are absolutely amazing!! I met Carly through another business and when I learned about her personal story and background I was so eager to work with she and Juile regarding some concerns I was having with my daughter. I quickly learned that my 'daughter's issues" basically originated with me. To say this was an eye opening experience is such an understatement. Julie was able to tell me things about myself during our very first conversation that I didn't even know.. very impactful things that had been affecting me and my behaviors my entire life. This awareness, along with simple techniques that Julie taught me, helped me to deal productively with things I had struggled with for as long as I can remember. I was then able to pass these tools on to my daughter. Julie and Carly are two of the most compassionate and caring people I have ever met. They truly care about people and want to make this world a better place!!!” -Kristin

This program has taught me so many different tools to tap into my inner being and be able to help myself and others. As a teenager, I constantly am under stress which can give anxiety and when it gets to much I can easily use some of the tools given to me by Rivulet and be able to continue being calm and relaxed. I would 14/10 recommend this to anyone. I personally have told many friends about this organization in the hopes they can help themselves and others around them.
— Drew

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