Julie is an amazing coach and taught me techniques that helped me through a very difficult postpartum period of my life, when I was preparing to return to work. She helped me work through painful, troubling issues, allowing me to feel freedom from those memories. Her work is priceless and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
— Angela
My experience with Rivulet literally saved my life . I was suffering with debilitating anxiety and Julie worked with me using EFT and I cannot say enough good things about her services ! I highly recommend her.
— Elizabeth

Julie helped me realize where my physical pain was coming from. I didn’t know there were answers to how I was feeling. I always thought it was just aches and pains that would come and go. It just felt normal. That was how life was. It’s been two years and my pain is still gone. I kept telling Julie that there was no way that was ever going to happen. I was wrong. I now use this self-help tool to help me with really anything. Take the chance, I was skeptical, I get it, it will change your life. It’s amazing.
— Jennie
Julie is such a beautiful helper. She and I talked over the phone, she coached me on exactly what to do to prepare for this stressful meeting I had today. I did exactly what she said to do and my meeting went great!! Julie is more than a healer — she is a soul supporter . . .she has truly helped me beyond words can express.
— Wendy
This incredible business is currently changing my life! I can’t say enough good things about the service, team, and results. I highly recommend working with Rivulet!
— Zach
This is a life changing skill that is offered by the best, that has truly enhanced my life forever!
— Courtney