Imagine your children having tools they never had before to fully manage their emotional overwhelm on their own. This is what Rivulet can give your child.

With my background in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and a Masters in Character Education. I bring a UNIQUE and PERSONABLE approach to helping your children grow up having life-changing skills to live their happiest life.

I am on a mission to equip your children with these tools early on. I know what it is like to be in Kindergarten and have anxiety that is unbearable throughout my childhood and beyond. If I only I would of known then what I know now. I will empower your children by incorporating their learning styles and interests to teach them skills that they will grow up and have for a lifetime. 

Not only will they walk away with tools that they will have as they grow up, most importantly they will learn early on how to feel confident with the person that they were brought in this world to be.



  • Teach and guide your children not to take on others peoples energy when they are having a bad day- being able to separate their energy from someone else’s.

  • Teach your child on how to feel calm in his or her body. 

  • Teach your child and guide him or her how to handle feelings of overwhelm. We will give them a set of emotional tools during moments of overwhelm.

  • Teach your child early on that they matter and that they always did.  

  • Teach your child in fun, hands-on sessions, customized to his or her interests and learning styles.

  • Teach them how to create their very own personal toolbox that they can use at home, school or out and about.

I believe in your children and believe so strongly in helping them feel safe in their body. Connect with us to learn more.