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Break through the broken patterns

triggers and emotions

that keep you feeling stuck with our proven method.







" When I first experienced the work of the rivulet team I was blown away, as when I came in I honestly was slightly skeptical. I had done so much therapy and mindset work before and wondered if it would really work for me. Now I am just upset I didn't do it sooner. It allowed me the space as an entrepreneur to not just work and think, but feel. Their method worked within a matter of minutes, and left me able to process underlying factors that were limiting my performance and passion as a leader, and helped to ignite my journey to healing. I highly recommend them to anyone who is struggling with anxiety blocks. If you have one, they will find it, and teach you how to heal"

- Kate




For years I suffered from anxiety, PTSD, nightmares and lived in a constant state of fear. Experience Rivulet gave me the tools to not control my anxiety, but to take away the anxiety, to understand the feelings and let go of my fear. They’ve brought a completely new understanding to my life and connectedness to myself. For once I see a clear path in my life and I walk towards my next hurdle knowing I have the tools to overcome any new obstacle.





We feel so blessed to be here introducing ourselves and sharing the answers we have found, while working behind the scenes together for the last four years with hundreds of women.

We are a mother daughter partnership. The work we do could not exist without the other. We are the perfect combination to create massive change in someone's life. This business was started because we struggled finding answers to debilitating anxiety, ADHD, nightmares, sensitivity to noise, depression,  stomachs, headaches, chronic neck and back pain, forgetfulness, dizziness, numbness, tingling, anger issues, avoidance of others. We were in so much pain trying to find answers to problems but we knew we would never give up.  If we had to go to anyone or anywhere, we would and did. We literally tried anything and everything, we tried chiropractors, therapy for years, biofeedback, the list goes on and on. We won’t bore you with that. 


We did this for 20+ years. 


It wasn’t until we found that the real answers were way deeper, we had to get to the root of why it started in the first place so it didn’t have to keep showing up. 


After spending countless hours and 100’s of thousands of dollars researching there were still no real answers, only bandaids.


It wasn’t until we found EFT where everything started to change. 


It’s about time we share the answers we have found, that have transformed our lives and so many other clients lives. 


EFT wasn’t enough for us, we wanted to go deeper and be able to get to the root of any problem someone is facing in their life. We have combined different works together to create the ultimate transformation from the deepest part of you, a transformation where your world will look different, brighter, clearer, and you will be able to understand yourself in a way you never have and continue to have tools for the rest of your life in any moment. 


What we have found being behind the scenes, is the order in which society approaches emotional and physical pain may not work for everyone. 



Are you ready?

Are you truly ready and committed to dive deep? 

Don’t worry it won’t take years like they say it will, give us 2 months! 





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