a mother daughter partnership that started after searching for answers for twenty-five years.



Our family was nearly broken. We wrestled with anxiety and depression for decades.

Even after years of searching- we were still struggling. We finally discovered the true core of our problems, and were finally able to clear the obstacles out of our way. Only then could we combine the tools that were right for us, and they were much more powerful.

There are larger and smaller traumas that happen to us every day: getting yelled at, feeling embarrassed, falling off a bicycle, getting into a car accident, being taken advantage of, losing our ability to speak up - these moments get stuck in our bodies. When we don’t take care of these things, our body responds with anxiety, depression, and pain.  

At Rivulet, we teach you how to get to the core of your personal roadblocks. With the knowledge and skills that you gain, you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of as you continue on your journey.  

As a mother-daughter pair, we know this is possible because we have lived it. Now, we are ready to help you open the door to the rest of your life and connect you to others along your journey.



As a devoted mother and grandma, I constantly seek resources to help my children and grandchildren to cope with their challenges beyond placing a Band-Aid over their struggles. Each of my children and grandkids present different needs that I am intuitively able to recognize.

Teaching children has always been one of my greatest passions. I am a teacher by trade with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary and I have my Masters in Character Education. 

I truly believe that in order for a child to feel safe and secure in their body, they must first have a strong foundation of self care early on.




Julie is an amazing coach and taught me techniques that helped me through a very difficult postpartum period of my life, when I was preparing to return to work. She helped me work through painful, troubling issues, allowing me to feel freedom from those memories. Her work is priceless and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
— Angela
This incredible business is currently changing my life! I can’t say enough good things about the service, team, and results. I highly recommend working with Rivulet!
— Zach
This is a life changing skill that is offered by the best, that has truly enhanced my life forever!
— Courtney